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About us

We created what you've been always missing in your OSINT solution – a hub of supercharged requests, our HimeraSearch. Forget about constant registering and logging into hundreds of services! Just input your search criteria, choose a suitable request and get your result. That simple! All the rest is of our concern.

Special conditions

We provide special conditions for the HimeraSearch service

We offer special conditions and prices for special clients. These clients include organizations that search for missing people or lost family ties. Also, law enforcement officers and state security agencies or other social organizations.

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Obtain and analyze data in one place to see what others can’t.


Search on social

Searching for information on social networks, analyzing connections and building targeting


Analysis by phone

Open source phone check, fraud analysis.


Analysis by email

Check email in open sources, analysis for spam and security.


Search by photo

Search for social networks by photography and photo analysis by search engines.

Legal entities

We have the opportunity to conclude formal contracts with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Fast and easy system

Instant work and the convenience of the system will help you quickly analyze individuals or legal entities before deciding to cooperate with them.

Unique tariffs

We offer each client a choice of unique tariffs.

or write to email
[email protected]



Wide range of tariffs

We make it possible to fulfill individual requests, the price for each request is individual, the prices can be found in your personal account or in the bot.

*Tariffs apply to API requests


$ 16 /1 days

  • Limits:
  • done8 analize people (std.)
  • done2 analize people (full)
  • done3 by phone
  • done2 by email
  • done5 by photo
  • done10 by username
  • done10 by social networks
  • done10 by car
  • done10 by legal entity face


$ 64 /7 days

  • Limits:
  • done50 analize people (std.)
  • done20 analize people (full)
  • done20 by phone
  • done15 by email
  • done30 by photo
  • done30 by username
  • done30 by social networks
  • done20 by car
  • done20 by legal entity face


$ 199 /30 days

  • Limits:
  • done300 analize people (std.)
  • done100 analize people (full)
  • done40 by phone
  • done30 by email
  • done50 by photo
  • done100 by username
  • done100 by social networks
  • done50 by car
  • done50 by legal entity face


$ from 1 / days

  • Advantages:
  • doneflexible tariff
  • doneno time limit
  • donebig discounts
  • donefrom 8 cents per request
  • doneinstant count


High-speed interaction with the information portal HimeraSearch

Easy connection

The methods for connecting to the API are very simple and are described in detail in your personal account

Automate requests

Using the API, you can save your time by protecting yourself from manual data entry



Contact us in a convenient way.


Bot for requests: @HimeraSearch_bot

Support: @himera_support_bot

Ticket on the site

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[email protected]